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Call your elected officials and tell them: We need a full clean-up of English Station NOW!

Read the latest on English Station, “Delays Mire English Station Clean-Up.”

Expansion of Murphy Road Transfer Station – WE WON!!!!

Read about our victory against transfer station expansion here and here.

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Learn more about our work as a founding member of the Greater New Haven Water Works Coalition, which seeks to address New Haven’s massive stormwater runoff pollution problems. We also work with the West River Watershed Coalition and the Mill River Watershed Association to support the development of green infrastructure and make New Haven the “bioswale city.”

[Map of CSO outfalls, pumps and East Shore abatement facility]


We support bottle bill expansion! Ask your legislators to support SB 1037!


Since the founding of NHEJN, English Station power plant has been a major preoccupation. We continue to monitor activities at English Station to make sure the PCBs and other contaminants from the site are not a danger to the community.

[NHEJN press conference outside English Station in 2011]

Read more about our recent work on English Station here.